Issue of Children becoming diaper dependent

The question can a child become diaper dependent and make the problem worst and take longer to stop?

Wearing protection (diaper, Pull-Ups®)will not delay night control but, in fact, it may hasten control, because it reduces the stress that is caused by having night accidents. Furthermore, diaper allows a child to sleep throughout the night and staying dry and warm, which results giving your child a more restful sleep.

Without night protection, the body gets cold due to the evaporation. This results in a child not get adequate restful sleep. This causes the child to make up for it by sleeping longer in a deeper sleep cycle, Making less aware of the signal to go. Furthermore, when a child is in a wet bed and is cold while sleeping, it causes the child bladder to have pre-wave contraction before the bladder is full.

So the answer is NO it does not take longer to stop wetting using diapers. If anything it will shorten it, because it reduces stress about waking up in a wet bed, and also since, they are not sleeping longer in a deep sleep cycle, there is a higher chance of the signal urge to go will happen in a lighter sleep cycle, which may arouse the child to get up to go to the bathroom.

The following information on sleep was obtained at Kids Health
Toddlers sleep about 10 to 13 hours,
Preschoolers sleep about 10 to 12 hours,
Kids ages 6 to 9 need about 10 hours,
Children ages 10 to 12 need a little over 9 hours,
Adolescents need about 8 to 9.5 hours
Sleep deprivation adds up over time, so an hour less per night is like a full night without sleep by the end of the week. Among other things, sleep deprivation can lead to:
• decreased attentiveness
• decreased short-term memory
• inconsistent performance
• delayed response time

Children who don’t get adequate sleep. Will result in them sleeping longer in deep sleep cycle and therefore, have harder time listing to their body signals and be aroused to get up to go to the bathroom.

Steven F. Trimarco
Real Corporation
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