Misconception Children have leads to unnecessary distress

Kid’s misconception leads them to unnecessary worry and distress. Kids really do suffer with this bedwetting issues on many levels. One is their self-image of themselves both intellectually and emotionally, and two their self-confidence.

Every child feels that everyone in their age group is beyond this stage of having accident requiring them to wear diapers to catch their accidents. This is due to the subject of bedwetting issues is still a closet subject, which kids and parents openly discuss.
Even when I share with them what the true statistics are, and it is indeed not rare as they thought. (7,500,000 US kids between 6 and 18yrs with this issue). They still don’t believe it.

I further share with them no store would sell diapers for older kids if no one was buying them. Now this is true for Manufactures they would not make them if stores were not restocking their shelves with such diapers Pampers size 6 or 7, Lovs 6 etc.

Furthermore, I share with them they can go anywhere in the US and find them at all the major retail stores.

Now they usually will in time come in terms intellectually and acknowledge there are other kids who are bedwetters too. However, still get over the feeling like some kind of baby to wear diapers.

Parents often feel their kids are over reacting about anyone finding out about their issue. Kids, however, are very sensitive to wearing diapers because how it makes them feel emotionally and how they perceive the way others will think of them.

This is due their age being closer than a toddler. No adult feels they wearing diapers make them a baby. Only adult wearing diapers to catch their accidents.

So, kids suffer unnecessarily because their perception is wrong thinking of themselves some kind of baby wearing diapers versus a 13yr old child wearing diapers.

Unfortunately, because they have misconceptions diapers are for babies. They are very sensitive for anyone knowing about it. Because wearing diapers to them is like acknowledging to everyone they are just like baby needing diapers instead of thinking of themselves a normal older child who has a very common bedwetting issue.

The true measure how much this really affects them is how upset they get over the thought of someone finding out about their issue !
Most kids will first accept it intellectually that their other kids like them that are bedwetters, but not yet emotionally because emotionally the way they feel is still felt like babies.

We have teenagers that emotionally feel like little kids because of this issue, and you can see this issue come to the surface when they express that they feel their parents are not respecting them and treating them like little kids, when it just normal care they are providing them to make sure they are on top of things and managing their incontinence responsible.

The 2nd thing that bedwetting issue causes quite often is their lack of self-confidence.

They know kids their age have mastered the day and night control, which they know they have not yet mastered on their own, which they are reminded of this fact each morning thinking that they have failed in some way is this is NO WAY to start their day feeling they have failed.
So I wrote this article because I don’t want parents to readily dismiss how bedwetting is affecting their kids and explore further issue by
discussing it with them.

Bedwetting in itself is not to me an important issue, but how it affects them, which it can last a life time.

Steven F. Trimarco
Real Corporation
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