Bedwetting Tips

In the United States, bedwetting is a problem for as many as 5 million children, according to the National Institutes of Health. While there's no set age that children grow out of bedwetting, each year as children grow older, fewer and fewer experience enuresis.
Bed-wetting is common prior to puberty, affecting about 15% of kids. It often runs in families, and boys are more likely to wet the bed than girls. However, girls will have more day accidents than boys.

He following is some good suggestions.

1. First of all Don't become discouraged. Most bed wetting problems end on their own. There is 20% 5yr old’s that are not dry at night and each year 15% outgrow it each year. Now the by the time they reach adulthood only 2% still have bedwetting issue.

2. Praise your child for effort as well as for success.

3. Never punish a child for wetting the bed. Children often do not have control over bedwetting.

1. Keep fluid intake to a minimum in the evening

2. Make sure your child urinates before going to bed.

3. Avoid foods or soft drinks containing caffeine (like chocolate or colas) as they increase urine output.

4. Make sure the child sleeps close to the bathroom for easy access.

5. Use a night light so there's no danger of his or her tripping or becoming disoriented when getting up in the night.

7. Use night protection ( Diapers/pull-ups) plastic pants at night to eliminate the discomfort of wet sheets.

8. By all means if you wet your bed when you were a child, let your child know. If he or she understands that bed-wetting may be hereditary, it can ease anxiety and help him or her cope with the condition.

9. Constipation can make bedwetting worse. If your child is constipated, try to alleviate that problem.

10. Use a moisture alarm sewn into a pocket of the child's sleepwear. It will buzz at the slightest hint of moisture.

11. Discuss the bedwetting problem and methods of treatment with your doctor or pediatrician.

12. Have tests done to eliminate other medical problems like urinary tract infection.

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