Tips on traveling with Incontinent child

1. Hygiene products: Nothing is worse than presenting a morning case with bad breath. Don't fret over toothpaste, as you can often find small tubes that are provided to patients. Be sure to bring hygiene products (including Powder, wipes, baby oil, rash ointment & disposables)

2. Medications: If you take scheduled medications, do not forget to bring an extra supply. You need to anticipate delays and avoid feeling sick because you have skipped a dose.

4. Dollar bills: I cannot stress this enough. Most hospital cafeterias close by midnight. With an erratic schedule, you may not have time to grab dinner. Therefore, your only option may be vending machines, which, as you know, only take change or dollar bills. There is nothing better than a Snickers bar and Mountain Dew at 3 am!

5. Phone charger: Bring your charger so that you won’t be without a phone if needed arises.

6. Snacks: If you are health-conscious or enjoy frequent small, healthy meals, then don't forget to pack something that you will enjoy while traveling.

7. Backpack: It goes without saying that you will need a bag of some kind. My advice is to choose a subdued, dark-colored, and easily hidden bag for your things. Ladies, avoid large, fancy purses; they are easily spotted and oftentimes go missing.

8. Lock: Some clerkship will provide you with lockers. Be sure to lock up (or hide) your valuables.

9. ID: Do not forget your medical and insurance information when traveling.

10. Extra clothes: Packed in your Backpack so you don’t have to scramble and unpack things to get to change of clothes.

11) Extra Stops: When traveling to try to stop ever couple hours for bathroom breaks and if impossible make sure your child has an extra moisture barrier to protect the shin from rashes. (Extra baby oil, Vaseline or powder and if possible extra inserts in the diaper or pull-up for more absorbency)

12) Be diligent: Traveling can be very hectic and daily routines are disruptive so you need to be more diligent in regard to hygiene for even older children with the added excitement of traveling may forget about changing, and you certainly don’t want to have a rash or urinary infection put a damper on your trip.

Steven F. Trimarco
Real Corporation
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